About Me

My Life So Far

If you are looking for a remarkable life story, you are in the wrong place. It is kind of boring so far… here are a few important events of my life:

  • 1981 – Born in Saidpur, Bangladesh
  • 1993 & 1999 – Joined and left Rangpur Cadet College
  • 2000 & 2003 – Started and finished my BSc in Computer Science at East West University, Bangladesh
  • 2005 – Came to London
  • 2013 – First foriegn tour to Morocco
  • 2017 – Became a British citizen

Current & Previous Employers

  • Philip Morris International
  • News UK
  • MediaCom London
  • TMW Unlimited
  • Ilustrated London News

Brands / Clients

Below is a list of brands/companies I have either worked with in the past or am currently working with. I have worked both as an individual SEO consultant and as part of a team.