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Build a career in SEO – Go for Shopify SEO

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Serious about building a career in SEO?

COVID-19 has escalated the rate of businesses going online tremendously. 

Shopify and are acquiring more customers than traditional e-commerce CMSs like Magento and WooCommerce. The search for “Shopify SEO” and “wix SEO” are also on the rise.

Build a career in SEO - Go for Shopify SEO
Build a career in SEO – Go for Shopify SEO

I am sure having experience in both platforms, especially in Shopify would be an amazing advantage.

BTW, Shopify share price rose 134% since mid-March!

This post was originally posted on my LinkedIn profile.

I am an SEO professional, expert in both on-content and technical search engine optimisation. Besides eating, breathing and sleeping SEO, I am passionate about travelling, photography, collecting vintage mobile handsets and philately. I am also keen on financial freedom - saving, investing and passive income.

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