How to Recover from Google Core Algorithm Update Traffic Drop?

First of all, I would like to iterate that Google Core Algorithm Update is not a penalty. Time after time, Google, especially John Mueller, discussed it in different forums, sessions, chats and videos. You can read one of the articles on Search Engine Journal.

So, stop calling it a penalty!

Since it’s not a penalty, there is no fix according to google. Cheers!

Here is how my team and I recovered from the drop and achieved the highest search visibility of all time according to SISTRIX!

Google Core update is a curse and a blessing at the same time. You might lose millions because of the traffic drop (Point E). But if you learn the lesson and start considering new and innovative SEO strategy, you might achieve even better visibility (Point F) and traffic.

I was involved in such a project while working at MediaCom, and I am proud of the success.

A 360° SEO Strategy

The key takeaways from this success after the Google algorithm update were:

  • Google will roll-up another Core update in 3/4 months. Let’s work hard during this gap.
  • Is there anything we didn’t target before? Let’s explore new directions and content strategy.
  • Why did our existing content fail? Let’s find the main reasons and update them.
  • Are we doing enough to promote the brand authority? Let’s highlight our achievements.
  • Do we have any technical issue; page speed, UX, schema markups? Let’s bring the teams together and fix the problems.

Final Words

It is easy to lose hope and enthusiasm after any traffic drop if you are the business owner or the SEO specialist. I always take the opportunity to explore new allies and try different strategies which I wouldn’t have tried in a normal circumstance.

Use your creativity and imagination – think out-of-the-box strategies!

I am an SEO professional, expert in both on-content and technical search engine optimisation. Besides eating, breathing and sleeping SEO, I am passionate about travelling, photography, collecting vintage mobile handsets and philately. I am also keen on financial freedom - saving, investing and passive income.

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