Google is testing mobile-style SERPs on desktop… What’s coming next?

Lately, I am frequently seeing a new SERP while I am using Chrome browser in Incognito mode. This desktop SERP is quite similar to mobile SERP, but it is also different.

Difference between the mobile SERPs to desktop

Here is a list of things I noticed:

  • Dispite having a longer real estate, desktop URLs and titles are much closer than mobile.
  • The website favicons are slightly bigger on mobile than desktop. It seems like the icon height matches the title font size on the desktop.
  • Google is frequently showing the website names on the titles, whereas it is mostly showing URLs on mobile.

Google’s Favicon Recommendations

In case, you have not seen the set of guidelines from Google yet, here it is. Unsurprisingly ALT tag of the image says “Search result on mobile showing a favicon”. It shows the originally the guidelines were for mobile SERP. It looks like Google might follow it on the desktop.

What do I think about it?

Personally, I prefer the current desktop SERP – URLs under the title. I am okay with the mobile SERP, but the SERP Google is testing, is too busy for my likings. Let’s see what Google decides. Have you noticed any change in the SERP?

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