Thank you, Google… for keeping the Removals tool!

When Google moved the Google Webmasters Tool to Google Search Console, the webmasters’ communities were terrified to see that many of the useful technical SEO tools were missing. Remove URLs tool was one of them. Time upon time, webmasters asked Google about their migration plan, but Google kept its lip tight, “we can’t tell you what we are doing”!

Introducing Removals

So, a new tool, Removals, appeared since yesterday under the Index section, and it is a much-improved version of the previous tool. It has three tabs, Temporary Removals, Outdated Content and Safesearch Filtering. Google provides tools for two types of removals:

  • Temporary remove URL will hide the URL from Google Search results for about six months and clear the cached copy of the page.
  • Clear cache URL clears the cached page and wipes out the page description snippet in Search results until the page is crawled again.

Phewwww… I feel relaxed that I don’t have to submit tickets to block URLs using .htaccess file or add meta robots tags. Thank you, Google!!

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