Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Investment Portfolio (November 2023)



Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Investment Portfolio (December 2022)

Each quarter, as mega investors and investment firms release their latest F13 filings, individual investors like myself eagerly scrutinize Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.B) to review the company’s most recent portfolio positions and transactions. F13 filing and Buffett’s investor meetings often provide insight into the overall health of the US and global economies.

Top 20 Holdings of Berkshire Hathaway – 30 September 2023

According to the latest F13 filing of the 1st quarter of 2023, 30th of September 2023, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owns 45 stocks, and the total portfolio valuation is $313,257,311,000.

Here are the most significant 10 stock holdings by Warren Buffett with details:

Company% of PortfolioSharesValue
AAPL – Apple Inc.50.04915,560,382$156,753,093,000
BAC – Bank of America Corp.9.031,032,852,006$28,279,489,000
AXP – American Express7.22151,610,700$22,618,800,000
KO – Coca Cola Co.7.15400,000,000$22,392,001,000
KO – Coca-Cola Co.5.93110,248,289$18,590,066,000
OXY – Occidental Petroleum4.64224,129,192$14,541,502,000
KHC – Kraft Heinz Co.3.50325,634,818$10,954,355,000
MCO – Moody’s Corp.2.4924,669,778$7,799,844,000
DVA – DaVita HealthCare Partners1.0936,095,570$3,412,114,000
HPQ – HP Inc.0.84102,519,035$2,634,739,000

Berkshire Hathaway Q3 2023 Activities

Berkshire Hathaway either bought or added these four stocks during Q3 2023.

StockActivityShare Change
LLYVK – Liberty Media Corp. Series C LiveBuy11,132,590
LLYVA – Liberty Media Corp. Series A LiveBuy5,051,918
SIRI – Sirius XM Holdings Inc.Buy9,683,224
BATRK – Atlanta Braves Holdings Inc. Series CBuy223,645

Berkshire Hathaway either reduced or completely sold these thirteen stocks during Q3 2023.

StockActivityShare Change
AMZN – Amazon.com Inc.Reduce 5.22%551,000
AON – Aon PlcReduce 5.42%235,000
CVX – Chevron Corp.Reduce 10.45%12,871,831
HPQ – HP Inc.Reduce 15.24%18,433,783
MKL – Markel Group Inc.Reduce 66.35%312,946
GL – Globe Life Inc.Reduce 66.97%1,684,560
ATVI – Activision Blizzard Inc.Sell 100.00%14,658,121
GM – General MotorsSell 100.00%22,000,000
CE – Celanese Corp.Sell 100.00%5,358,535
JNJ – Johnson & JohnsonSell 100.00%327,100
MDLZ – Mondelez InternationalSell 100.00%578,000
PG – Procter & GambleSell 100.00%315,400
UPS – United Parcel ServiceSell 100.00%59,400

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