Week 24: Taking a break… No blogging this weekend!

I decided to take rest this weekend and do nothing. Yes, just nothing. I visited my friend yesterday (Saturday) and watching TV today while checking news and my portfolios occasionally.

My portfolios dropped in value last week after the market sell-off. However, they still managed to outperform the markets. The UK market fell by 5.4% while my portfolio was down an average of 4.9%.

Meanwhile, if you’re still looking to start investing and learn your way to financial freedom, you could open a zero-fee account with Trading212 or Freetrade. Don’t forget that you will get a free share from each platform 🙂

See you next week!

I am an SEO professional, expert in both on-content and technical search engine optimisation. Besides eating, breathing and sleeping SEO, I am passionate about travelling, photography, collecting vintage mobile handsets and philately. I am also keen on financial freedom - saving, investing and passive income.


  1. Terry Vaughan Reply

    A excellent write up and a excellent summary of week s events and excellent critical thinking on shares to increase knowledge and provide education to his loyal followers. Jinnat Blog is a must read for small investors as it provides valuable insight into the markets and provide trading ideas for the long term as long as you follow up with your own research

    • Jinnat Ul Hasan Reply

      Thank you, Terry. Appreciate your time and effort.

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