How I earned over £1k in Quidco Cashback without doing anything!

I love to find online and in-store deals before buying anything, and I often brag to my friends that I never buy anything for its full price. Finding deals has become my hobby. It all started when I saw a Quidco advertisement at Leytonstone Station, on my way home from work.

That was in January 2015, just over five years ago. I now try to use Quidco for my online purchases, and I use American Express for in-store purchases to receive Membership Rewards – something that I will talk about in a future post.

Reaching £1K Cashback Milestone

Last month, my total cashback amount has surpassed the £1K mark. Over the last five years, it has grown steadily, saving anything from £50 to £275+ each year. Most of the cashback came from small purchases; such as buying takeaway pizzas and train tickets. In the last four months alone I have made £138 in cashback.

YearPaidTrackedOn HoldSubtotal
Grand Total£1021.54£26.09£20.09£1,067.67
Quidco Account Screenshot
Quidco Account Screenshot

* Tracked figures are the cashback amounts those have been calculated by Quidco, but have not been confirmed by the retailers yet. Some retailers take weeks to confirm them.

How to earn large cashback quickly?

There are a number of ways to earn large amounts in cashback. Some of the top cashback payers are:

  • Insurance Policies currently Quidco is offering a massive £955 cashback for Virgin Money Life Insurance. Other types of insurances, including car insurance, travel insurance and home insurance also offer good cashback.
  • Finance Services this is definitely the second-highest cashback-paying group. Bank accounts, credit cards, loans, ISA accounts and mortgage transactions are all in this category. For example, you can get up to £300 from Scottish Friendly Investments ISA.
  • Switching Household Utilities Are you tired of paying higher utility rates every year? Use Quidco when you are switching from one provider to another, and get free money! In January, I moved from E.ON to British Gas and received £100 cashback.
  • Mobile Phone & Broadband Contracts Quidco offers decent cashback for monthly phone, SIM-only, TV and broadband contracts. I already talked about this type of cashback in my previous two posts, regarding my switch from Virgin to Sky and why a monthly phone contract is a rip-off. Quidco paid me £85 for switching my broadband and TV provider a month ago.
  • Flights and Hotels many flights and hotel booking websites are on Quidco, and some of the websites offer good cashback – this includes holiday airport parking, too. Currently, is offering up to 12% cashback on your hotel bookings, attractions, tours and sightseeing. I usually use for my hotel bookings, and it offers 4% for all bookings, no matter if you are a new or returning customer.
  • Shopping Online almost all the online and high street retailers are also on Quidco. From ASOS to Ted Baker, from Dominos to Fortnum & Mason; there is a vast number of brands working with Quidco. Just check the website before pressing the “Buy Now” button.
  • Refer a friend Lastly, if your friend opens an account using your Quidco referral link, and has confirmed £5 cashback, both of you will get £10 each. Isn’t that amazing!

I literally do nothing to get the cashback. I just visit the Quidco website, search the brand name or a product, click the green “Get cashback” button and complete the purchase as normal.

If you want to make use of your hard-earned money and save as much money as possible, I am sure you will love Quidco, too. So what are you waiting for?

Open a Quidco account today, and start your saving journey! 🙏🙏🙏 And, don’t forget to follow my other money-saving tips.

Further Reading

What is Quidco?

In case you are unfamiliar with Quidco here is a short introduction. Quidco is a cashback website, with hundreds of retailers listed on its site. Members can earn money from cashback from their everyday purchases. According to the Quidco website: Once you’ve logged in to Quidco, find the retailer you’re interested in and have a look at the rates of cashback. This will give you an idea of how much you can earn and when you will receive it. Click “Get cashback” and you will be redirected to the retailer’s page to make your purchase. Simple.

How does Quidco work?

When a member buys any item using a Quidco link, a small piece of data called a “cookie” is automatically saved on the member’s browser and this will tell the retailer that the purchase was referred by Quidco and will tell Quidco who members have purchased with. Quidco will then receive a commission from the retailer for referring the member to make a purchase with them and it will pass this along to the member as cashback. The member is then free to withdraw the cashback to their bank account, Paypal account or via a store gift card.

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